Welcome in ODR Agua Water Treatments

The Company and the Partnerships

Our p@rtners projecting and producing water and drinks refrigerating and dispensing equipment, within its factories, taking a particular care of every single detail in order to satisfy the various requirements


Our p@rtners can offer specific solutions according to the special requests and needs of the customer, and in the last years it has also developed new technologies to guarantee the maximum respect for the environment and higher energy saving.  

Our p@rtners, thanks to its long experience in the field, has many strong points: seriousness and professionalism, dynamism and flexibility, research and development, quality and safety, quick delivery times , technical assistance and customer care.



The whole of our p@rtners range is completely studied, produced and tested in our factory in order to offer a very good and reliable products, entirely made in Italy.

The Quality System ISO 9001, with its strict controls, guarantees an absolute quality.