Extra Line

ODR Agua is not only producing of water dispensers.

In our Professional Line you can find a series of models studied for the most particular requests:

  • Dispensers of  alkaline or osmose water;
  • Drink and juices dispensers for breakfast in hotel and B and B;
  • Public water houses for town councils, with coin or key payment system;
  • Water chillers for industrial use;
  • Filtro Multipure, multi-level filtering system accomplishes 3 cycles of filtration;
  • Filtering systems in order to have pure water at your disposal.

Water House

Water houses for villages and towns are machines studied and realized to offer  water of quality to the citizens, saving money and respecting the environment

Even those City Halls, that were highly against the eco-sustainability, have already invested money in order to improve the habits of the citizens in a better way. 

Thanks to water public houses the CO2 emission, caused by production, transport and recycling of plastic bottles, can be reduced.  

Villages and towns have many and different requirements, but ODR Agua can satisfy the most different requests, projecting and manufacturing personalized water houses. 

All machines have panels in stainless steel and vandal proof buttons, coin or key paying system, and they can deliver from 100 to 500 litres per hour of still or sparkling water. Furthermore City Halls can decide, if necessary, to install filtering systems and bactericide systems with UV lamps in order to offer a water of higher quality to citizens. 

This line is completed with the well-advanced water houses dispensing alkaline-ionized water which is recommended by doctors for its beneficial properties.  

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